High Powered Rocket
Countdown to Level 3 Certification


Ground Test ejection charges, Avbay Wiring, Schematic

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Table of Contents : Construction, test and flight data
10.. Intial preparation of parts, motor mount, modifications to fin design
9... Getting the fin can set and aligned - avbay construction
8... Tip-to-Tip Fin Reinforcement with Carbon Fiber and FG cloth
7... Avbay Sled construction
6... Nose cone, Motor Retainer Mounting, Zipperless mods, Static Ports
5... Ejection charges, Shear Pins
4... Ground Test ejection charges, Avbay Wiring, Current Schematic
3... Shakedown Test Flight 1 (aborted) Feb 2, 2008 - Avbay Revisons
2... Shakedown Test Flight 2 (Successful)- Mar 1, 2008 - K Motor
1... To the Paint Shop to be dressed in Red, White and Blue
0... April 5, 2008 - L3 Certification Flight - M Motor - SUCCESSFUL!

Note 1: Three 4-40 Nylon screws were used for shear pins on both recovery sections.
Note 2: Initial charges on Drogue were Primary 4 grams BP. Marginal result.
Note 3: Initial charges on Main were Primary 7 grams BP. OK (Backup to be 8 grams BP).
Note 4: Final test charge on Drogue was 5 grams. OK (Backup to be 6 grams BP).

Video (16MB)
of Test using:
Drogue Charge: 4 grams
Main Charge: 7 grams

Video (20MB)
of Test using:
Drogue Charge: 5 grams

Post Ground Test

Wiring the Avionics and Shielding the Avbay

Note 1: One RRC2X will be used as the primary controller, Dip switches set for drogue deployment at apogee and main at 1000 feet. This has been previously tested in flight.
Note 2: An RRC2-mini will be used as the backup controller with a one second delay from the primary controller.
Note 3: All charges lines are broken is safe mode (switched to open) prior to launch.
Note 4: Altimeter power and charge disconnects through externaly removable key lock switches.
Note 5: GPS/TX enable (in the nose cone) activated by a momentary contact switch.


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